BUDABOND – Dental Runway


Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to invite you to BudaBond, the third station of the already traditional Bond congress series. The city of Budapest serving as the venue of the events may be proud of its newer and newer remarks, namely that it is not only Europe’s but one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities.

In spring, when the congress is on, the city being at its most attractive awaits all those interested in adhesive dentistry with several exciting programs hallmarked by internationally renowned lecturers.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the impressive, energetic and pulsating Budapest at a lavish and stylishly organized congress with a great variety of trendy topics and exceptional free partner programs at a very elegant venue.

Let’s meet at BudaBond!
April 8-9, 2016 Budapest, Hungary

The president of the Congress,
Angie Segatto DDS, MBA


PÉNTEK, április 8
Pre-congress course: The 3D architecture of Smile Design – DR. FLORIN COFAR (Romania) – theoretic and practical course
Congress: Meet the Lecturers – GURREA, MAIA, MANAUTA, MONTEIRO

SZOMBAT, április 9
Congress: Introduction to Contemporary Adhesive Dentistry – GURREA, MAIA, MANAUTA, MONTEIRO
Sense & Sensitivity with indirect restorations – DR. JON GURREA (Spain)
Contemporary evidence based dentistry – light, bonding and action – DR. RODRIGO R. MAIA (Brasil/USA)
The never ending simplicity in aesthetic dentistry – DR. JORDI MANAUTA (Mexico/Italy)
Shape and texture on direct composite resins – The icing on the cake – DR. PAULO MONTEIRO (Portugal)
Modern endodontics – a pillar of the restorative dentistry – DR. BENYOCS GERGELY (Hungary)
Gála vacsora

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