1st European Meeting on Enhanced Natural Healing in Dentistry: L-PRF


Favorable wound healing has always been a major quest in dental surgery. It is a concern in healthy as well as compromised patients. In an effort to improve and accelerate healing of both hard and soft tissues, substitutes including growth factors and bio-materials have been traditionally employed. Membranes were also introduced to separate tissues.

Recent research clearly indicates that L-PRF (Leukocyte -Platelet Rich Fibrin, a second generation of platelet concentrates) signifi cantly enhances wound healing in both soft and hard tissues.
Evidence now supports the assertion that this has the potential to replace the above mentioned substitutes in many situations.

Clinical procedures benefi t from recent advancements with platelet concentrate protocols including, but not limited to: soft tissue healing, plastic periodontal surgery, gingiva enlargement, MRONJ, regeneration of infra-bony defects, ridge preservation, sinus augmentation, immediate implant placement and implant osseointegration itself. An added benefi t is that these platelet concentrate protocols offer signifi cantly lower cost treatment solutions to our patients, due to the fact of their ease of use and inexpensive preparation.

Enhanced Natural Healing in Dentistry L-PRF

Our basic knowledge of the biologic mechanisms of both soft and hard tissue healing has increased exponentially in recent years. Advancements in autologous platelet concentrate protocols,
profoundly impact the way we treat patients today.

Thanks to these advancements we can now introduce a new level of treatment options to our daily practice…from periodontal procedures to regeneration of bone defects and even implant osseointegration itself.

Scientifi c research and clinical based case evidence will be presented, by leaders in the fi eld, in this fi rst of its kind three day meeting on natural healing in dentistry.