Collaboration Agreement between the Hungarian and the Italian Dental Associations


The Hungarian Dental Association (HDA) and the Italian Dental Association (AIO) has signed a collaboration agreement. The ceremonial event took place on 11. May 2018, at the festive gala dinner of the international scientific conference Perspectives in Perio-Implantology and Comprehensive Dentistry.

The conference, as usual, attracted a wide audience with its renowned speakers from all over the globe. The gala dinner itself was more special than usual: over two hundred dinner tickets were sold, meaning that all seats were sold out one week before the event.
From this date, the Hungarian and Italian associations are not merely closely by the other in the alphabet and in the circles of FDI, as past HDA president Professor Istvan Gera pointed out, but also connected by this professional bond.
Some ten years ago, half a dozen Italian lecturers arrived to Szeged, Hungary to present at our conference, and ever since that time we have kept the tradition of always inviting more and more renowned Italian speakers, such as Francesco Mangani, Angelo Putignano, Gianfranco Politano, Alberto Fonzar, Egon Euwe, Marco Ferrari, Massimo DeSanctis or Camillo D’Arcangelo. Apart from this, in the last five years, four Hungarian dentistry students had the honour to spend months in Chieti, Italy thanks to esthetic dentistry competition Jules Allemand Trophy.
It is a primary goal of the Hungarian Dental Association to establish well-founded, great relationships with fellow organisations from other countries. This year’s agreement is the second following one signed with the Israeli Dental Association in 2017. As we were informed, our agreement is merely the third to be signed by the Italian Association as well.
The Italian Dental association represents more than 8000 dentists, and today, 35 years following its birth, AIO has become the number one provider of continuing education in Italy, strongly upholding professional ethics while maintaining its primary mission of protecting the rights of dentists through jurisdiction and legislation. Just recently AIO has earned the honored distinction of becoming the only provider in Italy and only one of three providers in Europe authorized by the American Dental Association to award continuing education credits.

We were pleased to have the honour to welcome for this event His Excellency Massimo Rustico, Ambassador of Italy to Hungary, Dr. Enrico Lai, the vice president of the Italian Dental Association, Prof. József Pál, honorary consul of Italy, Dr. Andrea Kollár, head of the Italian Institute at the University of Szeged and Dr. Ezio Bernardelli, Italian lecturer. Following the heartwarming welcome speeches the collaboration agreement was signed by Professor István Gera, HDA past president and Dr. Enrico Lai, AIO vice-president. The audience could enjoy the rest of the evening over buffet dinner and accompanied by some pleasant Italian musical performances by dentistry students.

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We are grateful for the possibility and for the warm welcome of our invited guests.

Hungarian Dental Association

Photos: Zsuzsanna KisS-Dózsai

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