Fogorvosi Szemle (Stomatologia Hungarica)

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The Fogorvosi Szemle (Journal of Hungarian Dentistry) is the open access official scientific periodical of the Hungarian Dental Association. Through this link the current and the previous issues can be reached and downloaded .
The Fogorvosi Szemle (Journal of Hungarian Dentistry) is a peer-reviewed non-profit journal in continuous publication since 1907 launched by Dr. Zoltán Körmöczy. Since that time this is has been the only peer reviewed scientific medium of the Hungarian dental community. The journal’s official language is Hungarian with a detailed English abstract and key words.
The journal is principally the forum for the publications of original research works in the field of dentistry and oral biology that had not been published elsewhere before. It is also a forum for the publication of data from interdisciplinary research related to dentistry. One of the principal objectives of the journal is to serve the purposes of our dentists’ postgraduate training and lifelong learning programmes. Based on this mission and philosophy the Editorial Board of the Fogorvosi Szemle (Journal of Hungarian Dentistry) is to provide a forum for comprehensive literature review articles written by invited selected experts of the given field.
The printed version of the Fogorvosi Szemle (Journal of Hungarian Dentistry) is distributed by mail free of charge to all members of the Hungarian Dental Association.

Fogorvosi Szemle (Stomatologia Hungarica, Journal of Hugarian Dentistry)

The Official Journal of the Hungarian Dental Association (HDA)

Founder: Dr. Zoltán KÖRMÖCZI, 1908


Editor in Chief:  Dr. Hermann Péter

Editorial Board:
dr. Barabás József, dr. Bánóczy Jolán (†), dr. Dobó Nagy Csaba, dr. Divinyi Tamás, dr. Fábián Gábor (†), dr. Fazekas András, dr. Fazekas Árpád, dr. Fábián Tibor (†), dr. Gera István, dr. Hegedüs Csaba, dr. Kaán Miklós (†), dr. Kocsis s. Gábor, dr. Márton Ildikó, dr. Nagy Ákos, dr. Nagy Gábor (†), dr. Nagy Katalin, dr. Németh Zsolt, dr. Orosz Mihály, dr. Piffkó József, dr. Radnai Márta, dr. Schiff Tamás (†), dr. Sculean Anton, dr. Spielman Andrew, dr. Tarján Ildikó, dr. Tóth Zsuzsanna, dr. Varga Gábor, dr. Vágó Péter, dr. Windisch Péter, dr. Zelles Tivadar

1088. Budapest, Szentkirályi utca 47.
Fogpótlástani Klinika
Telefon/Fax: (36) 1-317-1094

Published by:
the Hungarian Dental Association (A Magyar Fogorvosok Egyesülete)

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ISSN 0015-5314 (Print)
ISSN 2498-8170 (Online)
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