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In 2016 the Hungarian Dental Association established the „Bánóczi Jolán Medal and Award, in honour of Professor Dr. Jolán Bánóczy, an internationally acknowledged practitioner of Hungarian dentistry, a prominent figure in professional life, and the past president of Hungarian Dental Association. 
With this Award, the Hungarian Dental Association appreciates one of its members who has done outstanding work with their professional policy, organizing activities or scientific work for both the international and Hungarian acknowledgement of dentistry. Our goal is to reward a person who can serve as a scientific and professional moral example for the future generations of dentists.
The actual president of the Hungarian Dental Association may propose the person(s) to be rewarded by 15 February of the current year. The president shall submit the proposal to the presidential board members. The board members shall vote on the proposal. The Award is handed over at a scientific event of the Hungarian Dental Association or one of its member societies. 


  • 2017:
    Prof. Dr. Gera István
  • 2018:
    Prof. Dr. Márton Ildikó
  • 2019:
    Prof. Dr. Fejérdy Pál
    Prof. Dr. Orosz Mihály
  • 2020:
    Prof. Dr. Fazekas András
  • 2023:
    Prof. Dr. Fazekas Árpád