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Fogorvosi Szemle is the official scientific journal of the Hungarian Dental Association, an open access journal available to everyone via this website and in the OJS database.

The Fogorvosi Szemle was founded in 1908 by Dr. Zoltán Körmöczi, and since then it has been the only peer-reviewed professional scientific medium in the Hungarian dental society. The language of the journal is Hungarian, with an English summary and keywords in English in all articles. 

The journal is a forum for publications which have not been published elsewhere, based primarily on the results of research in various fields of dentistry and oral biology. It provides a place for publications based on the results of interdisciplinary research on dentistry, in addition to the fact that one of its main goals is to serve the continuous training and further trainings of dentists. Along this philosophy, it regularly publishes review papers compiled by professional authorities, who are asked by the Editorial Board. 


Founded by Dr. Zoltán Körmöczi in 1908
Chief Editor: Dr. Péter Hermann 

Members of the Editorial Board:
dr. Zoltán Baráth, dr. József Barabás, dr. Csaba Dobó Nagy, dr. Tamás Divinyi, dr. Ferenc Dőri, dr. András Fazekas, dr. Árpád Fazekas, dr. Márk Fráter, dr. István Gera, dr. Gábor Gerber, dr. Csaba Hegedüs, dr. Péter Kivovics, dr. Gábor Kocsis s., dr. Ildikó Márton, dr. Ákos Nagy, dr. Katalin Nagy, dr. Zsolt Németh, dr. József Piffkó, dr. Márta Radnai, dr. Anton Sculean, dr. Andrew Spielman, dr. Ildikó Tarján, dr. Zsuzsanna Tóth, dr. Gábor Varga, dr. Péter Vágó, dr. Péter Windisch, dr. Tivadar Zelles 

Editorial office:
H-1088 Budapest, 47 Szentkirályi Street
Department of Prosthodontics

Telefon/Fax: 00 36 1 3171094

Hungarian Dental Association 

Online availability:

Previous issues of Fogorvosi Szemle, the “Guide to the Authors of the Fogorvosi Szemle” and the “Copyright Disclaimer of the Fogorvosi Szemle” can be found on the HDA’s website. From December 2017, articles from Fogorvosi Szemle are also available in the Dentistry and Oral Sciences section of the EBSCO database.
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Index: 25 292