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HDA president in Uganda Outreach

Hungarian Dental Association president Professor Katalin Nagy on her trip to Uganda


Following her previous volunteer screening work in Hungary and Transylvania, Professor Katalin Nagy, President of the Hungarian Dental Association, spent a week and a half in Uganda, Central Africa, in January-February 2024.  During her visit, which was entirely self-funded, she presented at a conference, consulted with the Ugandan Dental Association and supported the work of the Build Your Smile Foundation in Canada by providing dental care to those in need.



She reported that this trip had included the longest times spent traveelling she had ever taken. It took her about 12 hours to get from the airport to the heart of the country, and she spent her days treating people in need in several remote locations that were difficult to reach by dirt roads.

Even in these remote and wonderful landscapes, Professor Nagy took the opportunity to spread the word about our country and the HDA conference SymposiumSzeged.

The organizer Build Your Smile Foundation had done the incrdible: brought tons of materials and equipment for the treatments from Canada to the African country. The team was led by Dr. Izchak Barzilay, the founder of the foundation, for whom this trip was one of many he had organised and funded.  

If you would like to get involved in a similar initiative, or if you would like to make a financial contribution to the incredible work of the Canadian Foundation, you can find out more at https://bysdf.org/ and send an enquiry to info@buildyoursmile.org.